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Ordiez Resources was launched by Olatunbosun Idowu on 24th of October 2016 with the aim of providing every possible guide through publishing of researched articles and materials relating to real estate investing, resource and property management to real estate enthusiasts and investors craving for knowledge in every aspect of real estate to enable them make investment and business informed decisions on their investment and portfolio management.

Ordiez will regularly publish researched articles on issues that border on every aspect of real estate to guide and provide a perfect resource to novice and professional real estate investors to help them learn new concepts that will result in high productivity.


Ordiez Resources is a research focused resource management company that provides second to none real estate investing, resource and property management; advisory and consulting services and has been progressively increasing values of real estate investors. We offer technical and business focus advice to our clients and investors in achieving their business needs and objectives. 


 Our corporate objective is to be a cost effective resource management company dedicated to maximizing clients earnings while minimizing expenses. 


To be a reputable first class resource management company known for restoring realizable dreams of our clients and investors.


To be one of the leading resource management company committed to providing and delivering quality resource management services for individuals and organization

Core Values 








Ordiez Resources consulting services provide first class asset management and Intelligence services that helps our clients make inform decision in managing their portfolio efficiently and efficiently. Our deep understanding of business goals, objectives, drivers and constraint enable us to provide technical and business focus advice. We develop strategies that suit your business needs and employ the right one at the right time. We offer careful analysis to maximise values and earnings in dealing with issues of dispute resolution, rent review, lease restructuring and renewal.

Consulting Services Includes 

Lease Advisory 

Lease Restructuring & Renewal 

Dispute Resolution 

Real Estate Advisory 

Legal Support 

Financial Management & Reporting 

Architecture & Design 

Real Estate Property Management 

Ordiez Resources property management service afford our clients to use our legal expertise strategic advice, experience and property management skills in valuation, negotiation, acquisition, lease, sales and development of real estate or landed property of various types residential, commercial or industrial. Our property types include but not limited to offices, warehouse, restaurant, shopping complex, residential and commercial apartments. We handle clients property’s financial management and reporting, inspection, marketing, advertising, lease, sales, maintenance, administrative, residents relation and ensure safety of the property. We operate clients assets in the best possible cost effective manner.

Real Estate Property Management Services Includes 

Sales, Purchase & Lease Of Property 

Maintenance, Repairs & Remodeling 

Regular Property Inspection 

Timely Collection & Disbursement Of Rent 

Resolution Of Dispute 

Marketing & Advertising Of Properties 

Legal Support 

Project Management 



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