Essence Of Having Real Estate Investment Goals And The Willpower To Accomplish Them.

I used to have this gloomy feelings about doing what I know is right and getting wrong results or outcome and I could easily blame this on the height of corruption in the system and the country.

I was privilege to have stumbled on Professor Kingsley Moshalu’s interview with ThisDay online news today, where he spoke at length on so many national issues and proffers some worthwhile recommendations and resolves to our lingering political and economical problems, which I think can help us find back our path as well as put us back on track to achieving the much desired political and socioeconomic growth and development we all are yearning for.

He threw more light on some pressing national issues but the one that really caught my attention is the federal government’s plan to get a loan of $5.5billion from International financial Institution and the ostensible reason for this is to enable the government embark on infrastructural project nationwide.

It might interest you to know that previous loans the federal government obtained from some of these international financial institutions in the past for the same reason were never achieved according to prof Kingsley Moshalu.

And this best explains why the country is still experiencing huge infrastructural deficit simply because most of the funds borrowed to achieve this goal find their ways into private pockets while most projects that were initiated and started were either not completed or poorly constructed without meeting international standards.

Prof Kingsley Moshalu also spoke about the need for the youth to actively involve and participate in politics through leadership training in order to solve our problem of leadership competence crisis not only to help us have a worldview of the future we desire but also to help us create the future we all desire just as we have in develop nations of the world.

Although he spoke on several other issues of concerns that border on the economy and the political situations we find ourselves in which are mainly due to vested interest of some dubious and corrupt political leaders and their cohorts who are experts in using our ethnic differences and religion to manipulate and politicize all our institutions which compromises all professional and ethical standards to give way to corruption, lawlessness, lack of values for virtues and integrity  in the system.

I must apologize for digressing a little bit from the aim of this post, which is to share with you the whole essence of having real estate investment goals as well as having the willpower to accomplish them. I was somewhat fascinated and carried away by the submission of prof on some of these burning nation issues which I felt must be shared with our readers.

Now let’s dive straight into the discussion for today, I know for sure many of us must  have heard everything on the importance of having goals and objectives to drive our mission  and vision in life so it is for real estate investing and as easy it might sound, look or be to make a goal it is definitely a different ball game when it comes to making plans to accomplish it and having the willpower to take action to achieve the set goals and objectives.

Like every other life venture and endeavour, it is important to have real estate investing goals and action plans to accomplish them and to do this successfully investors must tread on a very familiar terrain to apply their developed or adopted real estate investing strategy and plan base on their experience, skills and knowledge and not necessarily experimenting with nostrums or inchoate ideas they have not gotten attuned to.

I have not seen anyone who never had bad or tough times investing in real estate and likewise I have not seen anyone who promises a smooth and hitch free real estate investing adventures because anything can crop up out of the blue and their could be an upheaval in the real estate industry or the market in particularly due to government introduction of new policy and law.

In some cases, there could also be that time you need to deal with or confront some of the excesses of other parties involved in real estate transaction process from the lawyer, brokers, architect, contractors, accountants, appraisers etc

We can always make the best out of these situations and successfully handle them if we understand the intricacy of real estate investing and we are  knowledgeable enough in real estate investing, the market we operate in and of course great at making or negotiating a good contract without signing yourself in a box or in a tight corner.

And as a result, it is vital for real estate investors to have a good idea and understanding of what exactly they intend to achieve in terms of goals and objectives to enable them have a well thought out strategy and to help them make realistic investment plans and action steps on how to achieve those goals.

These steps provide investors with the opportunity to factor in all other considerations for known and uncertain challenges, difficulties and pit-falls that could possibly negatively affect the success of the real estate investment or corrode the entire investment plans which may make it impossible to achieve set investment goals.

I am glad to let you know that most real estate investors set out to achieve one, each or all of the three most important real estate investing goals which are to invest for appreciation, for capital gains and for cash flow investing,  which ever of these three goals is found suitable then their investment decisions and strategic plans are tailored to achieving these goals within a set and specified time frame which is crucial to real estate investing success.

If you are a very green investor, who is still inept and not so confident about your real estate investing skills and knowledge to handling or dealing with complicated and very complex real estate transaction processes, it is important you have and stick to a simple or not so complex strategy and plan, avoid being fancy or trying something or strategy you have no idea of because this could be a first class and direct flight to destination failure in real estate investing particularly in development.

The element of surprise is that as important as real estate investment goals are so it is with having the willpower to make tough informed investment decisions when necessary based on your knowledge of the market, trends, updates and recommendations of your network as well as take appropriate action steps to correct, manage, control and also to take advantage of every reasonable investment opportunities as they present themselves in the market in order to achieve your set goals.

To effectively and productively achieve this, investors must not be sentimental or too emotional with their investment decisions making which may corrode their investment plans and strategy and to simply put it to succeed with real estate investing especially in development requires a deep understanding of real estate investment drivers, constraints, goals, objectives and a very good knowledge of the market.

It takes a very ambitious investor, who is venturesome with great tenacity, diligence, perseverance, steadfastness and who can efficiently and effectively combine or make his or her time, energy and resources work in his or her favour to surmount and extract whatever opportunities locked in all real estate investing challenges and difficulties.

I would love to emphasize that am not saying possessing all these qualities and values as a real estate investor will make you immune to every real estate challenges, obstacles and pit-falls which will no doubt come knocking with a very devastating impact to destroy or threaten your investment plans or strategy as you proceed or get along with your real estate adventures.

As bad as this may be, there is no storm that blows that never blows itself out and away, all you need do is to be bold enough by screwing up courage to take positive actions towards fixing the problems or damages created by this storm and guide against future occurrence.

However, as you acquire more knowledge and increase your understanding of real estate investing through experience, you would know how to predict or see any likely real estate challenges or difficulties ahead of time which will allow you to make the best investment decisions on how to avert any looming danger or disaster relating to the real estate market, economy, government policy and laws.

This will provide you with the much needed real estate investing compass to help you navigate through the volatile and fickle real estate market best to avoid treading south the convenience with the economy during recession or economic meltdown.

The great news is that understanding the real estate market trend gives you the opportunity to partake, participate and get involved in all reasonable real estate investment opportunities in the market be it acquisition, disposition, development and of course lease most especially efficient and productive management of investment property assets to maximize earnings and returns on investment.

In addition to this as you are making your real estate plans and strategy as well as your investment goals and objectives, it is highly important for you to put into consideration how to source for fund in order to continue to fuel your your dreams to keep your goals alive. It is worthy of note that nothing really works in big and serious real estate investing particularly in real development without adequate funding or financing.

It is of utmost and equal importance to seek real estate knowledge, essential skill-set, resources, information and also try as much as possible to network with other real estate professionals to enhance, better and increase your chances of succeeding as a real estate investor and most important achieving your investment goals and objectives.

Finally any real estate investor who has no investing goals or have no functional plan and strategy to continuously work with, develop upon to grow and expand in order to achieve the investment set goals then the future and success of that investor and the investment look pretty black and futile.


Best of Luck!

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