How To Become An Exceptional Real Estate Investor, Part 1.

Becoming an exceptional real estate investor is not by accident but rather by making deliberate and conscientious investment decisions backed up with carefully planned, well thought out and set up roadmap with action steps geared toward an ideal real estate investing goals and objectives.

I crave your indulgence to share this true life story to help you make sense of the topic am about to share with you. I remember when I was a little boy growing up, I used to see a volkswagen car inscribed on it Jide Taiwo & Co, owned by one of the revered real estate valuer and quantity surveyor in the country today.

Each time the volkswagen car passes by our house, I always watch with great excitement and I know what I felt deep down in me. The reason for the strange connection is the thought and feeling that the owner of the car, whom I don’t know as a little boy happens to be the only one I know in the same trade with my dad who has a car and my dad at that time owned a toyota panel van.

For this reason anytime the car passes by I was always happy but as time passes by, some years after, I saw a drastic change that got me thinking, this was very easy to see and notice but difficult to explain for a young boy, I knew something was wrong somewhere but since I was still in school could not really make much sense of it.

What I saw was a new toyota car with the inscription Jide Taiwo and Co again  but at this time my dad had sold his toyota panel van at a give away price to an auto mechanic who refused to fix the car problem.

And to make the matter really fascinating and more interesting, some years back I saw another new bus with the same inscription Jide Taiwo and Co but this time I was so sure there was definitely a problem and something is wrong because I was a grown up adult who could understand and reasonably judge the right from the wrong.

I felt a little bit concerned about this and was ready to find some answers to what the problems were and why that is. As at that time I used to help my dad out with drafting and delivering notices as well as collecting and disbursing rent occasionally  to property owners, handling remodeling, renovation and sometimes supervising construction projects but I most of the time wondered  and pondered about why it seems nothing was happening or perhaps the old man has a better investment choice other than real estate.

However, I was very curious to  find out what my dad was doing wrongly, his mistakes and perhaps I can help him and many people out there change their old ways and approach of doing business, people who still are in the dark of what real estate investing and investment property management is all about.

This quest of mine to demystify real estate investing helps expose and profer solutions to many issues and concerns many people, the homeowners, investors, sellers, lenders, buyers and occupiers have in real estate investing and investment property management.

It will interest you to know that many people go about calling themselves real estate agents or property consultant but are rather debt collectors and agents but definitely not real estate agent because they don’t know anything about real estate but are only interested in the money they will make through commission and management fee but hardly render any service to their investors or clients.

If you must know a real estate agent or property management company is structured in a way that enables it and real estate professionals to render real estate investing, investment property management and great rental services for clients, investors and occupiers and they all have their goals and objectives as well as their products, services and programs  tailored to the need of their clients with the desire for monumental achievement and of course to do something unprecedented just like every business establishments.

But the story is different here, I have seen many properties owners eat up their income barely one week after payment, I have seen situation where security deposit are used by property owners to take care of pressing personal needs and when the unexpected happens and the occupier needs a refund of unused rent amount or security deposit most times it always end in a free for all fight and there are also a lot more inadequacies in the tenancy law and the rent control law also lack some fundamental provisions that will enable a peaceful co-existence between homeowners and occupiers.

As a result of this anomalies, it sets the stage for what am into now for about five years but launched an online website, about a year ago and got a domain name five months ago. The aim is to promote excellent initiatives in real estate investing and investment property management as well as edify the public on how best they can make the most of their real estate or property investment assets and of course how they can deal with real estate investing problems, issues and concerns threatening to turn their investment property into liability.

I guess this is a rather complex Introduction to a very complicated real estate issues many real estate investors and professionals have today which brings me to the topic of the day which is how to become an exceptional real estate investor.

Let’s dive straight into the discussion, from the opening story and so many other successful real estate investors I have researched all over the world most have something very obvious in common, which we all hear about every day in seminars and workshops but really never took seriously and that is having a realistic real estate investment goals.

This word goal in my opinion happens to be the most used and common word you hear whenever you want to undertake any assignment especially when it involves starting a business venture but only few really understand the true meaning or make good sense of this word.

The truth is that if you want to take great advantage and benefits of the numerous real estate investing opportunities you must be organized and I don’t think you can do this without having a real estate goal, it helps create some sort of mental pictures of your desired goal that consistently give you a clearview of what you want to achieve or accomplish in real estate investing, development and investment property management.

Besides having an investment goal, it is of utmost importance to set up or have an idea of your financial goals or how financially successful you want to be in real estate if this is your chosen career and regardless of where you are right now or the stage you are in real estate business this will help you to start connecting the dots from where your imagination set point is down to where you are or vice versa

The elements of surprise in having both an investment and financial goal is that nothing will happen afterwards if its not backed up with an investment plan and action steps that you must take to achieve all your real estate goals and sincerely you can not achieve this without seeking knowledge in real estate.

Seeking real estate investing knowledge involves having to make out time to study and research, this helps you understand the essence of what real estate is all about as well as help you figure out what the best course of action is to minimize and reduce the effects of wastage, losses, splurging and frittering away of your limited fund especially if you are a new investors still working out on or trying to gather some or enough financial muscle to really start pump-priming your real estate business.

Honestly real estate investing business has its frustrating and embarrassing moments but one has to be smart enough to deal with avoidable or preventable challenges and unnecessary problems early enough before performing or implementing your real estate plan.

I was able to show the growth progression of Jide Taiwo and Co, although this may not be a best way to explain or illustrate Jide Taiwo and Co’s growth but am only trying to simplify it in a way that even a layman on the street can understand that changing from one old car to a more fashionable ones severally and to buses, having many offices scartered across the country means something is happening internally and these are signs of progress.

Let me expatiate on this, to be successful in real estate investing and development business,  it makes a lot of sense to have a long term plan, real estate is no get rich quick ilk of business and its important to know that your first few years in real estate can be quite challenging and difficult but it provides you with the opportunity to learn and improve your self concepts and sharpen your problem solving skills.

Without mincing words some of the main or major problems investors face especially new investors are lack of funds to consistently fund your real estate projects and having on board the right people who understand your investment goals, vision and believe in your dreams.

This brings more real estate experts on board, people who are specialist in some aspect of real estate investing who can help you fine-tune and outline exactly what your intentions and expectations are and will be of great help in determining how possibly one can get the required human, material and financial resources to achieve your real estate goals.

This will bring continuous and consistent upgrade and the rare opportunity to learn from the people who may as well be ahead of you not only to expedite your real estate plans and how fast you grow in the industry but also to help you make good investment informed decisions.

Another very important trait of a successful real estate investor is being meticulous in their approach to implementing and executing their real estate plans conscientiously and they also try as much as possible to treat their real estate business as an entity on its own to protect their investment properties from all form of litigations from other parties they may have a contractual agreement with such as the lender, insurance, occupiers liability, creditor judgment claimants etc.

Anyone who wants to make something meaningful out of real estate investing must be willing to seek wonderful connections by networking with real estate professionals, contractors and highly influential personality in the industry and of course be ready to hand out his or her business cards to everyone that matters, this can help open closed doors for investment opportunities as well as help promote your real estate services, products and programs.

It is always not in my habit to first consider the negatives, challenges and difficult situations in real estate especially the predictable ones but I know it is of equal importance to the positives, opportunities and benefits. In order to avoid or be on the look out for the common mistakes and pit-falls that could have negative impact on your investment property assets, one must make available or set aside a reserve to handle uncertainties in real estate investing business.

It must be emphatically stressed here that real estate investing is not for patsy type of investor but rather a venturesome and someone who have an attitudes that is imbued with unusual diligence and enthusiasm, who is ready to weather the storm in spite of any challenges and uncertainties that may crop up unexpectedly in his or her real estate investing and development career or adventure.

According to Paul Eldridge, a man is ready to die for an idea provided its not quite clear to him, This is just the first part of this existing topic on how to become an exceptional real estate investor and there is so much more to come and to learn from in your quest to achieving great success in your real estate adventures but I would love to drop down the curtain here and call it a day for now till the next post, stay blessed.


Best of Luck!


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