Deadly Enemies To Errors And Blunders In Marketing And Advertising Real Estate Services, Part 1.

I woke up at the early hours of today around 2:00am in the morning with lingering and disturbing thoughts of finding out if there is something more to being diligence, perseverance, smart, working hard and thriving for excellence that I don’t know so I decided to do a little search or look up on this issue to find out what could be responsible for the setbacks we have experienced and why some idiots could be truncating and devaluing our unprecedented real estate blogs.

All I can tell you is that in today’s business world morality seems not to be a factor when it comes to reward for excellence, integrity, diligence, achievement and of course compensation and unfortunately these are the value and qualities preached everyday by successful entrepreneurs and mentors out there.

This explains why many people find it difficult to fathom why they go through series of unexpected and unnecessary difficulties in real estate marketing and advertising even when they have ensured that they have a plan and have done all what they had to do as well as have plans for all that needs to be done.

However, it is amazing to know that, when it comes to marketing and advertising of yourself, your programs, services and products to increase your sales conversion rate, clients base, profit and returns on investment, you still need to placate nimby (ies) (not in my back yard), who today constitute a large percentage of the unexpected challenges entrepreneurs must be prepared for to be successful especially in on-line business marketing and advertising.

In my opinion this is a very complex and complicated topic I have always wanted to discuss but somehow was not so sure about the backwash and am more concerned about the consequences I might find myself in for bringing up this topic and sharing my views on the issue.

But after serious considerations, weighing the benefits and importance the people especially investors might have as against the problems it might create for our business, integrity and the reputation we are trying to build and protect so we decided to give the topic a shot regardless of the consequences of our decisions and action.

Apparently, real estate marketing and advertising is the mainstay and one of the most important aspect of real estate investing business particularly for real estate investors and property management service companies and unfortunately many of them often times have problem with their marketing plans and programs, the new investors in particular.

Many real estate investors are vulnerable to advertising and marketing errors and blunders which often have huge negative impact on their real estate business, services, programs and products which no doubt will affect their productivity, sales, earnings, and of course experience clients roller-coaster which definitely is not good for any business.

I would love to stress that success in this aspect of real estate services do not necessarily depend on what you know or what you do when it comes to marketing and advertising of real estate products, services and programs but rather it is measured with the outcome of whatever you have done to get the desired result.

Allow me to blow my trumpet a little bit, marketing, advertising and how to use influencers happen to be a topic I can teach off hand but interestingly I can’t say for sure if I have recorded much success in this aspect of real estate investing and this is why I say it is not about how much of marketing you know or what you do.

The elements of surprise here is that I have invested time, bought and read more books on marketing and communication more than any other life subject to increase my marketing, advertising and public relation knowledge but in reality I still struggle with sales conversion, increasing clients base and returns on investment and I have come to suss that there are several other controllable, manageable or uncontrollable factors that come to play in marketing that hamper the growth of businesses.

It is vitally important and essential for real estate investors and entrepreneurs to know that the arcane rule of marketing and advertising of programs, services and products be it on electronic or print media is that nothing is free and it does not apply to real estate alone but rather all other business ventures that aim at either competing to increasing their profit or for the market share.

Interestingly most business persons and entrepreneurs disregard and ignore this arcane rule, although for many people its not deliberate, some due to ignorance or perhaps lack of understanding of the choice, specification and requirements of the type of marketing and advertising needed to make a successful and productive marketing program or plan for their services, programs and products.

Also there are other ugly marketing situations that may crop up with the website host, telecommunication companies, social media companies, industry leaders and influencers, and not forgetting problems that may emanate from haters, friends, past colleagues who may think you are undeserving of your accomplishment.

Let me emphasize that if you create or run any marketing or advertising program and not factor in all of these issues and concerns then you have set yourself out for failure, this could lead to frustration, stress, confusion and depression especially if you have invested so much and heavily into the marketing and advertising program or plan.

It is also worthy of note that enrolling or having an expensive marketing and advertising program that is well thought out with accurately targeted demography is not ALWAYS an open sesame to successful and productive marketing and advertisement especially if the marketing plan is half measured.
Please don’t get me wrong if an advert or marketing plan is properly done and executed it could end up to be a successful marketing plan or programs so you need experts, specialists with proven record because of this unexpected challenges with people who may not like your face or service and the fact that there is no munificent service provider anywhere you may need help with this to avoid these enemies to errors and blunders in marketing and advertising.

It is a normal and common practice with many people to register with a telecommunication company for airtime and data for calls, messaging and browsing the Internet or you are one of those people who watch free videos on you tube just by having a prepaid plan with your service provider without subscribing to the channel. I know many people do this and most times get away with it.

However, setting out as a business venture, owner or an entrepreneur who wants to market and advertise programs and services is an entirely different ball game and this may require you to upgrade or reopen your business relationship arrangements with these service providers that is with your internet service, social network, website host and of course you may have to contend with industry leaders, influencers, haters and friends who may be jealous and find it difficult to appreciate the uniqueness of what you have to offer.

I also crave your indulgence to sound this note of warning to all entrepreneurs especially newbies that they must be wary of type of on-line sales and marketing programs they put in for, on-line forums, networks and association they join either to offer advisory or consulting services or to learn something new from the group, you must always remember the arcane rule of digital marketing and advertising that says nothing is free and that everything has a price.

If you disregard this advice and you are not ready to pay the price it will definitely come to haunt you, your programs, services and products and if care is not taken it could corrode your entire business strategies and plans. It is wise to obviate when you suss that you are not ready to pay the price for the services these programs coaches what to offer.

It might also interest you to know that many of these programs offer free download of their materials and books as well as free plan if you could decide to be part of it immediately but what some of them do actually is to get your details to enable them hack into your systems especially when they discover that you didn’t subscribe to their programs even though you open up to them the reasons for not subscribing to their programs or services.

I remember joining one on-line user content platform about this time last year to offer free consulting and advisory services, barely after one week I was locked out of my portal so each time I want to either post an article or answer question from people most times I have to answer some recaptcha questions before I could be granted access to my portal, this is very frustrating and I complained severally but nothing was done because it kept repeating itself each time I need to login.

Somehow I tried to consider and figure out the benefits, advantage and disadvantage of being with the on-line user content platform which made me stop visiting the site. I already have a website before I joined and was only trying to do what is necessary to be part of on-line communities in the same niche as mine but the story is not the same.

Similarly I registered for one email advert sharing service but to my surprise I was locked out of that program just few minutes after signing up for the program. This is what you see and get only when your accounts and password has been hacked by the people with criminal intents, who promise to help you achieve your marketing and advertising goals on-line.

When they have access to your accounts they hack your device and system to monitor your on-line projects, work and business activities and many times this lead to damage and corrupt of memory card, loss of files and also disrupt your sales, marketing, business activities.

The reasons for laying much emphasis on these marketing and advertising errors and blunders that could lead to embarrassing moments and situations on-line is that it is very important for you to be very capitalized and have enough funds prior to setting out to market or advertise your real estate programs, services and products on-line, you must also protect your devices, systems against any threat of sabotage and disruption form hackers.

Never underplay the importance of knowing and understanding the business marketing and advertising terms, condition, requirements and specification of all your service providers as mentioned earlier and of course never downplay the damage that can be done by the industry leaders, influencers, haters, friends and other business interest who may think you need their services to succeed on-line

I strongly advise you never to try ignore or to disparage any of these essential but not so obvious requirements and obstacles to a successful services and programs marketing if you truly want to succeed as a real estate investor or an entrepreneur.

Ironically, doing all that is required in marketing and advertising of real estate services, products and programs does not guarantee a hitch free, smooth and successful marketing and advertising program and does not also mean you are completely immuned to haters and some terrible industry leaders and influencers, who will treat you in a cruel and unfair way and who may also not grant you the same right and freedom as others in the industry.

The reasons for this is not far fetched, it is mainly due to threats of the new development and often times many could not come to terms with having a newbroom in the industry bringing new ideas, initiatives, creativity, innovative ideas and concepts as well as making big changes in the life of many who never thought things could be done differently.

Presumably if any of these nibs and prima-donnas in the industry see you as a force or a major threat particularly at a time you were having an auspicious start to your real estate business, one can only imagine what their malicious on-line activities could do to your business success or failure when they strike or attack your on-line space.
Honestly and without mincing words if you have preponderance of haters, terrible industry leaders and influencers to deal with you may experience difficulties, criticism, vagaries, sudden and unpleasant real estate marketing storm or upheaval due to these attacks and if you do experience these attacks this does not mean you should throw your hand in.
It must rather be seen as impetus to see and achieve more from little or nothing by analyzing the situation and your options as well as display your innate values and qualities as a diligence and venturesome entrepreneur with the tenacity for success, capacity for growth and of course who has the ability to overcome or surmount business challenges.
If you understand that risk comes from attempting to do what you don’t understand to gain experience from your critics in order to take advantage of every opportunities locked into the difficult situations.

I would love to drop the curtain here for this post but I still have so much more to share on this topic on Deadly Enemies Of Errors And Blunders In Real Estate Marketing And Advertising And The Resolves in the next post.

We have not really delve into the topic proper and the resolves I would also want us to know and understand how to deal with them if they raise their ugly faces when you are trying to achieve something of real value by making a difference that will give you and many other people a growing sense of accomplishment in real estate.

Best of Luck Beautiful Minds


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