Deadly Enemies To Errors And Blunders In Real Estate Marketing And Advertising, Part 2.

Anytime our heart and mind become our eyes in any situation it shows how vitally essential the situation is for us and it is important to approach such situation with a strong heart that is prepared and ready to take up the challenge and do the needful.

We dealt with the deadly enemies to errors and blunders in real estate marketing and advertising in the last post which we could not lay to rest and I can recall I did promise to conclude the topic as well as the resolves to this enemies to a successful real estate marketing and advertising plan or program.

As an entrepreneur or business owner especially real estate service provider who offers investment advisory service, investment property and portfolio management, digital marketing and advertising services as well as conveying Industry events and brand development, it is important for you these are what people are dying to know about and it may also be intimidating to some people who think they have the financial muscle to go into it but lack the expertise and technical know how to and of course manpower to actually take a satisfying bite at it.

This brings me to why many business start up especially businesses that depend soley on on-line marketing and advertising of its programs and services are vulnerable to on-line attacks on personality, business name etc as well as experience cut throat competition from the most unlikely competition in their niche and many times situations like this especially unexpected problems that create them new enemies due to errors and blunders are difficult to deal with or solve for new entrants in the market.

These attacks from haters, bad friends who think they know you more than you yourself and also from your service providers as rightly mentioned in the last post on this particularly topic. Entrepreneur seeking or aiming for reach at the beginning instead of strength make be swept away by this whirlwind from heavy storm from these service providers and it could lead to frustration, confusion and depression and if an appropriate measure or care is not taken it may annihilate not only your personality but also the entire business you are trying to build from scratch.

Storm from your supposed partners in progress or service providers such your internet service provider, website host, social network, bank etc and those you might not likely expect problems from who naturally are expected to show support to new entrants, the industry leaders, influencers, friends etc will block every opportunities coming your way if you have errors and blunders in your market approach.

This group of people and hackers will literally take over the control of your device, phone, computer and the entire system to monitor not only your activities on-line, movement off line but also those of friends and family this I believe is unethical, dangerous and unprofessional of the service providers.

Presumably if this unethical activity of these service providers continue for a very long time will definitely lead to corrupt practices especially if you are dealing with people with criminal intent.

Most of you will agree with me that our systems and institutions are highly corrupt going by the report of the Transparency International and I can rightly say without mincing words that we have no more men holding sensitive position and important offices again, men with strong minds, honour, good faith and great heart who possess opinions and will to lead justly and can live above the fog in public duty.

When we have a corrupt system it would be easy to have square pegs in round holes who will die to ensure that the system and the institutions remain corrupt and unchanged by continuously infiltrating the system and our institutions with one of their kind to not only have control of the systems but to also damage its reputation of our institutions for self gains and advancement.

This group of people, who found their way into some of these institutions such as the telecommunication, banking, etc would gladly create havoc for you or for their customers against the policy and ethics of their governing bodies whenever they have the opportunity to do so especially if you have errors and blunders in your marketing and advertising programs or plans not properly designed to meet their specification or requirements.

I don’t want you to leave behind attacks from nimby, not in my back yard these are terrible allies, bad friends etc who may not be completely happy with your new start up or perhaps are envy and jealous of seeing you do what they never expect from you because they think they know you inside out and never expect a change forgetting that change is the only constant and permanent thingummy in life.

Irony of this issue is that many of these people saw you or had contact with you five, ten or fifteen years ago and still think they know you more than your true self and will want to judge or manipulate you despite not knowing a damn thing about what you have done with your life or being through in the last five, ten or fifteen years ago which they expect no change.

The fact that they don’t understand you anymore could make them feel very uncomfortable with your present lifestyle or a newly found life which may turn them from being your confidants to your comrades or those in your constituents. They can’t make sense of your new life which you comeby by buring your head somewhere to discover your life purpose while they are living and enjoying a good and rosy life on their pay jobs.

It is possible for no one to see your effort, struggles, pains, hurt and frustration in life during this hard times and difficult period of investing in your spiritual, personal and professional growth and development but many of these people or haters would be quick to devalue and not appreciate your work when you decide to let them have a feel of what you have been working on years on-line.

I must apologize for being too emotional about the topic and for digressing a little bit from the aim of this concluding part of this discussion and for us not to be worried by thoughts of having nothing to worry about we must not live or start our marketing program with the illusion that our marketing approach will be perfect and we need not expect any problem.

Marketing, advertising and public relation are crucial and critical to the success of every business venture and besides a monopoly company no business enterprise or organization can achieve great success without taking advantage of the massive opportunities in marketing and advertising its products, services and programs which are done via the use of electronic and print media such as the TV, radio, social media etc.

The use of electronic and print media to market and advertise programs and services further strengthen organizations media and public relation and this is vitally important and critical to the success of any organization. It gives real estate service pro the opportunity to connect a wide range of prospective and potential clients who may need their services.

If any real estate investor or service provider wants to take advantage of this opportunity, you need to decide within you ahead of time what type of public image you want to portray in the eyes of the public and do all that is required to maintain and sustain that identified and qualified public image you desire for yourself and the company.

This probably will always keep you and your services in touch with its targeted market and clients, it will constantly and continuously reassure them of quality improvement in its
programs and services and of course great customers service delivery and relation.

The great news is that this feet can be achieved by making some marketing discoveries of your targeted market as well as invest quality time in research, study, analyse and evaluate the market and if these steps are conscientiously carried out, tracked and directed toward achieving its investment objectives then it could be the high noon of creating, growing and developing a successful world class real estate investment business .

We must be wary of marketing and advertising ourselves, our businesses, products, programs or services to avoid any major catastrophe as a result of errors and blunders the haters and enemies will be glad and be willing to use in justifying their criminal acts and intents.

If you want to increase your programs and service sales, sales conversion, your clients base, returns on investment as well as make profit, it is advisable to have a good marketing program or plan that will not only capture the unique selling point, benefits and features of your programs and services and of course it must also highlight the offers, gains and expected result the clients will derive from the programs and services.

All of this if properly executed will increase your capacity for growth and expansion and the more your real estate business activities, services and programs grow and expand the more people you can help resolve their problems and the more your gospel of your services and programs is spread across the city, town, state and country.

As a work in progress, you would need help from people who are good in electronic or print media who can bring the much needed support for the desired result in a professionally crafted and targeted advertising, public and media relations to successfully increase sales, clients and income as well as share the company’s perspectives with your market on trends and all other thingummy that matters.

Ensure you effectively target your advert information on increasing your sales conversion, programs and clients base, it must be deliberately focused on already determined audience. It is possible to put all of these together by making time out to research as I have rightly mentioned earlier it will give you the opportunity to discover new valuable stuffs, evaluate and analyse the market to know the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that are either internal or external and of course if they are advantageous or disadvantageous to your investment strategies or plans to help in decision making.

There are several other means of providing publicity for your real estate investing programs and services which I may not be able to deal with in this post such as writing a book, articles and have them featured in a reputable real estate business magazine or teach your area of specialty or expertise in real estate to very green aspiring real estate investors and enthusiasts through workshops and seminars.

Expectedly a well crafted, properly developed and well thought out real estate marketing and advertising should consistently help you establish, maintain and sustain a wonderful real estate network of investors, those you may as well tap into their wealth of experience, connections, knowledge and expertise.

I want to believe with all other factors constant you will achieve your set out goals and objectives in real estate business. If you pay attention to details in your marketing and advertising plans, go through published research articles that can help avoid those errors, blunders and common pit-falls in marketing and advertising and of course you must have enough fund to aggressively market your real estate services especially if you are new in the market.

This explains why I have always maintained that many real estate investors fail mainly because of their incapacity for growth and expansion, lack of access to consistent funding and reserves to take care of unexpected business and economic condition as well as the uncertainties in the market determinants. Lack of funds can be a major setback to a good, smooth and successful marketing plan or programs.

It is also worthy of note that if you want to be successful at this, you can also make the most of on-line opportunities by joining association, professional bodies, sales groups, marketing forums that can provide you the much needed or the essential support, system and framework required for growth and development by building relationship.

Many of these on-line forums and groups most times are skeptical of who sign up with them, they may want to find out your motives of joining the group because support groups render support to the group in their area of expertise which I know most don’t go about doing this in a decent, most ethical and professional way and it could be frustrating if you are not used to this.

As an real estate investor, you may also like to influence some aspect of your project, the business activities, recorded success etc by meeting up with someone in the same trade as you, city, town, community or in government whom you consider as a heavy hitter to influence your programs or services.

Finally you can enhance your marketing and advertising of your programs and services by distributing of your business cards, brochures, the use of direct mail etc and never ever forget to always keep your finger on the escape Key on the keyboard of real estate marketing and advertising plans or programs because a perfectly planned or an expensive marketing program is not an open sesame to a successful real estate marketing and advertising.


Best of Luck Beautiful Minds


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