What You Must Not Condone Dealing With Contractors.

Whenever we have a project at hand and we are searching for a contractor to execute the project for us, we must be very careful in dealing with such contractor if we want a successful, smooth and hitch free project delivery.

If we must award the project to a contractor it is very important to first of all negotiate with the contractor on when the project will commence and be completed before making any advance payment to the contractor.

Most contractors have many projects at hand they are working on and you can not stop a contractor from attending to other clients, who might want to give their projects to the contractor, this you don’t have control over but you can prevent the contractor from using your fund to execute other people’s project.

The contractor may be tempted to use your money to execute other clients project or to save another project which has been held back by fund and if you pay a contractor without agreeing on when the project will commence and be completed and the contractor use your money to complete another client’s project to the detriment of your project it could make it difficult or nay impossible to deliver your project to time because the contractor may have to seek for another fund or use another clients fund to commence your project.

Therefore for the successful completion of your project never attempt to pay the contractor any advance without agreeing on when the project will commence and be completed and which must be backed up with an agreement.

Let me reiterate that for a smooth and hitch free construction and completion of your project always make payment after you must have agreed on the date the contractor will be coming to site to commence your project and also ensure that payments are made at completion of each phase of the project and of course ensure that your fund is used for what it is collected for.

It is advisable to outsource the workforce on your project to the contractor to save time, energy, effort as well as eliminate overage and wastage, and it is also important to have a rough estimate of workmanship to be paid for especially if you are supervising the project by yourself, this will give you an opportunity to prevent wastages of material, overages and unexpected expenses.


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