Helping real estate investors, professionals, home owners and occupiers demystify heavy real estate investing and investment property management burden, issues and concerns is our delight and we derive great pleasure in making our current and potential clients happy and satisfied always.

In furtherance of our committment to help investors and home owners avoid real estate investing and investment property management pit-falls that could turn their investment property asset into liability due to many factors such as risk associated with real estate environmental liabilities, litigations, lack of proper and adequate protection, insurance, home owner’s liabilities, misjudgment of cash flow estimation or overestimation of cash flow, inaccurate estimates analysis, poor investing and exit strategy, poor networking, negotiation skills, lack of purpose or insight to what real estate investing is all about these and many more.

Ordiez Resources brings realization of achievable financial freedom and independence to its clients by integration research and creativity in an engaging and supportive way to help current and potential investors and home owners achieve their investment needs and goals.


Hence, If you are in a dither about real estate investing and investment property management, this is a platform where you can take advantage of our excellent understanding of real estate investment goals, objectives, drivers and constraints by putting our team of astute and dedicated investment experts to text.

Call Us on +234 807 114 2105 or +234 813 933 9394


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the company Ordiez Resources about?

A. Ordiez Resources is a research focused resource management company dedicated to providing best in class cost effective and comprehensive quality real estate investing, resource and investment property; advisory and consulting services to individuals and organizations, real estate investors, professionals, home owners, occupiers, enthusiasts and visitors to our website.


Q2. What do I benefit from working with Ordiez Resources Inc?

A. Our clients have the opportunity of working with our experienced real estate investment experts and also enjoy their firm and sturdy connection with seasoned brokers and realtors.

Ordiez Resources Inc provides client’s investment property with massive internet marketing and advertising and clients also have benefit of enjoying listing of their property on reputable websites known for massive internet lease and sale transactions solution for smooth, easy, smart and fast deal closing rate.

Our clients also stand a chance of taking advantage of our highly sought after real estate blogs and social media network to keep them update particularly our real estate blogs to increase their knowledge and to also guide and walk them through practical steps on how to become an ideal investor and not a desperate investor.

Clients will also have access to online documents, reports, financial statement report, request assistance and maintenance or repair request.

Ordiez Resources lnc. has in place a strict occupiers screening and selection process that ensures only responsible, reliable and creditworthy occupiers are qualified for vacant homes and apartments. We shall ensure only occupiers willing and able to pay rent at a fair but competitive market rate, who may have been qualified to be beneficial to our clients investment are selected.

Ordiez Resources Inc. offers swift, reliable and cost effective repairs and maintenance service that ensures client’s real property asset are thoroughly clean, safe and always ready for occupancy whenever it is vacant for leasing out.


Q3. How quickly can I build wealth and financial stability with real estate working with Ordiez Resources Inc.

A. Building wealth and financial stability with real estate is deliberately slow and it is not a get rich quick scheme as most desperate investors think. It takes time to build a string stream of income that guarantees financial freedom but your immediate strong impact and impression in real estate to quickly build wealth and financial stability depends on your creativity, innovations, skill-set, mental dexterity, diligence and most importantly your financial knowledge. This will expose you to several smart ways of maximizing and taking advantage of tax savings, deductibles, benefits and of course can spark up new spending habits to enable you easily build wealth and financial stability with real estate.

After which you can then diversify like other smart and active investors do but you must take it one after the other.


Q4. What could be my biggest constraint and risk in real estate?

A. Real estate just like every other investment or business involves risk and constraints but our excellent understanding of investment goals, drivers and constraints enable us to provide technical and investment focused advice that is tailored to clients specific needs and goals.

However, to us investors biggest constraint is sourcing for funds and qualifying for investment loan to finance the purchase or development of real property assets. This to us is one of most difficult constraints investors face while investors biggest risk may be lack of proper and adequate protection, ineffective, inefficient and unproductive investment property management services.


Q5. How do I recognize a fair property deal?

A. Besides having your due diligence perform by an independent party to give you a honest and unbias opinion about the property, you must also ensure  you are right about your estimate analysis, investment plans and that the property fit into your criterial and budget.

It is also of great importance to seek opinion of an attorney knowledgeable in real estate sales transaction deals to assist in drafting your offer letter to include contigencies that can protect your earnest money should in case you want to renege the contract or to help review your contract prior to signing any contract of sale. This can help you renege a contract or the deal without losing all your deposit to the seller.


Q6. Outright sale or Lease option sale of property, which is preferrable?

A. Both are very good means of disposing a property with their advantages and disadvantages. Outright sale for cash allows investors or home owners to sell for cash at a fair market price and receive payments in a very short time to quickly reinvest while Lease sale option allows investors and home owners to sell property at a reasonable high and above the market price but payments is spread over a longer period of time say two or three years. It can also be an arduous task finding a potential buyer willing and able to pay seller’s high asking price.


Q7. How do I engage Ordiez Resources Inc.?

A. Potential clients can contact us by calling us on +234 807 114 2105, +234 813 933 9394 or through our contact page on our website by filling out their details, leaving a message on the comment box and submitting.


Hope we have answers to what you had in mind? If not don’t hesitate to drop a line or two of your concerns in the comment box on our contact page and we shall swiftly respond to you.



Ordiez Resources Inc.





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