We are integrating research and creativity in an engaging and supportive way to help  current and potential clients, real estate investors, home owners and occupiers achieve their investment needs, goals and objectives by opening their minds and eyes to new ideas, concepts identified growth opportunities and possibilities in real estate investing and property management for great result and success. 

This always make our clients happy and satisfied and also bring about realization of achievable financial freedom, independence to all our clients. This is why many are taking advantage of Ordiez Resources’s cost effective and comprehensive quality real estate investing, resource and investment property management; advisory and consulting services.


Our Service 

Acquisition, Sales Support & Disposition of Property

Ordiez Resources is committed and dedicated to helping potential clients and investors with the process of searching and hunting for great and ideal homes, apartment and office space to ensure that only the best available properties are analyzed for great deal.

We also undertake proper pre acquisition due diligence of real property assets more broadly to determine if it best fits into our clients criteria, budget, investing needs, strategy, goals and objectives which to us is critical to real estate investing success.

Ordiez Resources helps potential investors negotiate and also do all that is permitted by law to achieve our set out goals of facilitating the purchase, document preparation and also managing the property if given the opportunity to serve in that capacity.

We place high priority on satisfying and making our clients happy by performing needs assessment, estimates and renovation analysis to ensure we are right about our figures of the scope of work, renovation, budget and the time frame for all events are adequately and accurately estimated before recommending any property as great deal in order to help investors avoid bad deals that may crop up as a result of poor due diligence, underestimation of financing costs and expenses, misjudment of cash flow, cash on cash returns, income, returns on investment and operating expenses estimates analysis.

Similarly, we offer sales support in disposition of property to home owners and sellers who wish to sell their properties. We offer best in class strategies for dispossing poor performing investment properties at maximum returns on investment for home owners and sellers.

Ordiez Resources also helps to secure permits, license and approval in order to ensure compliance with local, state and federal regulations and laws.


Lease Advisory & Consulting Services. 

Our unparralled dedication to strategies and policies implementation coupled with our excellent understanding of the real estate market, investment goals, objectives, drivers and constraint enable us to develop and recommend technical and investment focused advice tailored to achieving outstanding result for clients. Our unique services always guarantee clients happiness and satisfaction.

We have considerable control over real property asset value by leasing out only to occupiers willing and able to pay rent at a fair but competitive market value. This is achieved through aggressive marketing and advertising campaigns to maximize asset value.

Ordiez Resources advisory and consulting services cover lease advisory, occupiers consulting services and real property advisory which include undertaking due diligence, forming investment opinion business plan, feasibility study, real estate investing strategies and sustainability.

These are performed on a wide range of property residential, commercial and industrial such as homes, apartments, shopping complex, office space, warehouse, retail stores and restaurants.

We strive to maximize clients’s property value in relation with clients’s investment strategy in order to exude value of asset through accurate, adequate and broad analysis which limit break options and maximize clients earnings while minimizing operating expenses and exposure to bad occupiers.

Ordiez Resources deep understanding of the Landlord – Tenant Act which delineates in details the procedure for notices, lease contract agreement, and grounds for termination, eviction, opposition and possession help us and allow us to work closely with partnering experts and seasoned real estate professionals to exchange information or real estate market and trending issues in the industry which enables us to provide combined technical and market knowledge intelligence advice in line with the market realities that guarantees and yield best possible result renegotiate, renewal, restructuring and review of rent because all options are considered for excellent outcome.

Ordiez Resources lease out properties, review occupiers employment status by settings minimum standard and requirements to be met by prospective occupiers. We document all details and information provided by prospective occupiers and work with this filled out application form to verify all details by contacting and consulting previous landlords, current employer and guarantors to ensure information provided are accurate before reporting to the home owner for final approval before lease is executed.


Administration of Real Property Assets. 

Ordiez Resources is versatile in administration of real property assets, we do all that is permitted by law to meet and exceed clients property investment needs and goals through the use of our ever realiable investment framework, comprehensive property analytic service and our ability to offer exceptional real estate investing and investment property management services to our clients.

We thrive in area of enforcing and implementing investment and management policies by making sure that defaulting occupiers, who seem not to be beneficial to our clients’s investment success are evicted timely prior to creating problem or corroding clients investment strategy and plan.

Ordiez Resources builds , maintains  and sustains  occupiers relationship by swiftly handling occupiers’s request, complaints as well as resolving disputes among occupiers being their first support contact. We thrive in this by tapping into our extensive experience and expertise of our legal support and protection team to achieve great success.

Ordiez Resources also provides regular and powerful real estate articles on issues that borders on real life real estate topical issues and concerns to help investors, home owners understand their real estate concerns or investment predicaments, this to us serves as a conciliation service to facilitate resolution at a lease renewal dispute and rent review that can help resolve and settle dispute between investors and home owners particularly between home owners and occupiers or among occupiers.

Ordiez Resources best in class investment property management services don’t stop there, we have over time cultivated the habit of following up on our clients after resolution of a concern to simply ensure that our clients are truly satisfied and happy with the outcome because we place high priority on our clients happiness and satisfaction.

Ordiez Resources also ensure the successful management of Security Deposit, Utility, Health and Safety, Insurance, Tax, Compliance and Risk management of real property asset we manage. We enforce and implement company’s policies to ensure compliance on lease agreement and also ensure compliance with all rental and property related local, state and federal government housing regulations and laws for safety of our clients and their investment.

We have in place variety of property asset management functionally well structured system, framework and strategies to effectively, efficiently, productively and successfully manage clients property or portfolio and we administer the best that we deem fit for your investment goals and needs.

Ordiez Resources explore several options to increase and maximize tax benefits, asset value, earnings and protection while minimizing risk associated with operating expenses, unexpected expenses due to litigation, environmental and home owners liabilities.


Moving In & Moving Out of Occupiers. 

Ordiez Resources ensures occupier’s Move in and Move out instructions, property check list and procedure is available to occupiers prior to Moving in. The process involves the occupier and our property inspectors inspection the home or apartment to agree on the condition of the property and state of operation of all installed mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems in all rooms and yard.

This event is documented, photographed or video prior to occupiers move in and the duty of keeping the property in same good and habitable condition till the end of lease contract agreement remains in the hands of the occupier except for major repairs or maintenance of the property.

Similarly, in the event of the occupier leaving or vacating the apartment or the property, our inspection team and the occupier condult same inspection procedure to determine if all mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems are still functioning and in the same good condition as noted during the Move in inspection routine.

After this is determined, If there exist any major damage to the property both Ordiez Resources and the occupier will then iron out how to fix the property and put it back to its initial state for easy, quick leasing out to another reputable and creditworthy occupier.


Marketing & Advertising Of Real Property. 

Ordiez Resources prepares real property for sales and lease by determining the competitive but fair market rent price for lease and sale of property. We focus more on presenting property asset unique selling point in the best possible light including all amenities for comfort in the buyers package to woo potential buyers or prospective occupiers in the case of a rental property.

We thrive in this by giving properties presented for lease or sale massive internet marketing and advertising on our website and by listing it on reputable real estate websites known for massive internet sales and lease transaction solutions to quickly find potential buyers or occupiers in order to reduce vacancy rate and also ensure property is rented out to full capacity.


Repairs & Maintenance Request. 

Ordiez Resources strives to increase property asset value by having in place a planned maintenance expenditure forecasting that makes sure identified or reported repairs and maintenance needs or request are recorded, documented and are swiftly attended to. We contrive to achieve this through our periodic preventive inspection routine we have in place to continually improving property condition and of course our contractors supervision maintenance oversight to get work done as planned and scheduled.

In addition, sooner than you think, we will start operating a 24/7 hrs maintenance and emergency request assistance when we start operating at full capacity, it will enable us to document and have records of communication with our clients, investors and occupiers


Financial Management & Reporting. 

We are able to achieve our financial goals and objectives by forecasting demands, expenditures, budget and allocation of resources. Ordiez Resources ensures effective task and project scheduling, analyzing variance and initiating timely corrective measure to lower overages and expenses.

We understand our financial goals too well that is why we embrace the use of automated collection and disbursement of rent method system that accurately takes care of revenue flow.

Ordiez Resources ensure timely collection, recording, posting and disbursement of rent to clients and home owner in less than three working days after rent has been acknowledged in the company’s account.

It is our top priority to maintain accurate record and also operate client’s investment property asset in the best possible way in the interest of investors and home owners.

Ordiez Resources improves clients property asset performance by optimizing financial accounting and tax implications associated with real estate investment and management.

We monitor and see to it that rent, utility bills and arrears if any are paid on property timely for effective financial accounting management and reporting. We also provide monthly financial statement and management report updates to our clients for them to access and table or lodge complaint if there exist discrepancies in statement figure or account within 30 days to Ordiez Resources for it to undergo investigative and corrective processes to determine the cause of error if indeed there exist any error.


Legal Support & Protection. 

Ordiez Resources provides legal support and protection to clients, investors and home owners and their investment properties. We are committed to helping home owners avoid common real estate investing and property asset management pit-falls that could turn their supposed investment assets into liabilities due to lack of legal protection and many other risk factors such as risk associated with real estate litigations, creditor judgment claimers, unexpected lawsuit, home owners and environmental liabilities.

We also offer assistance in preparing and drafting lease and contract of sale agreement to our clients and represent our clients in court by providing expert evidence to facilitate resolution of cases between our clients and occupiers or sellers.


Real Estate Investing Resources. 

We are dedicated to exposing and opening investors minds and eyes to useful new ideas, concepts, identified growth opportunities and possibilities in real estate investing and investment property management to help transform the way investors and home owners make investment decisions and manage their property asset portfolio by equipping them with the essential skill-set required for real estate investing success.

Ordiez Resources has comprehensive and powerful conservative real investing and investment property management resources that real estate investors, professionals, home owners and occupiers can take advantage of by gaining the much needed knowledge, innovations and some level of creativity that will help place their feet firmly on the right path to real estate investing and property management success. It will also help them understand and conceptualize some of the most complex and complicated real estate issues and transactions before venturing into any real estate investing deal.


Ordiez Resources is the ultimate resource for your real estate concerns, you can now enjoy all the benefits of real estate investing and investment property management. We are preempting the future of real estate investing, resource and investment property management.

Our service and business policies are designed with our clients best interest in mind and tailored to their specific needs and our team of professionals can walk you arm in arm through some of the most complex real estate investment transactions.


Ordiez Resources, How Tomorrow Moves In Real Estate Investing And Investment Property Management, Serving And Guiding Humanity. 


Be right! 

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Be Smart!!! 

Engage Ordiez Resources Inc!!!! 


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